My streamlined corporate structure and my flexibility permit me to offer my services at a highly competitive quality/price ratio.
The calculation unit for the translation is the page consisting of 1500 characters (spaces included). The actual fee depends on such factors as language, subject and deadlines.
When the translation needs to be done from Friday to Monday, on holidays or at very short notice, I may apply a surcharge of 50% to the total of the translation fee.
The minimum fee will be the cost of 1 page.
The final character count will be based on the translated text, unless otherwise agreed with the Client.
If the Client cancels a translation that has already been started, payment will be due for the work completed until the moment of cancellation.

I assume responsibility for the secrecy of documents supplied by the Client. Upon the request and at the cost of the Client, I will arrange for the insurance of the documents in transit.

In case of any inability to complete a work caused by force majeure, I will have the right to renounce an order without any liability for damages.

The eventual complaints of the Client concerning omissions or defects of the translation should be communicated in writing within eight days after the date of delivery and should be explained through specific text references. After that the translation is deemed to have been accepted definitively by the Client.

I assume guarantee for any error of grammar and/or spelling and for any error of interpretation and comprehension. However, this guarantee will not cover eventual disputes regarding the style of the translation or the terms used therein.

When a complaint submitted by the Client proves to be justified, I agree to review the translation at its own cost and within the shortest possible time, or to offer a discount on the relevant translation fee.

In any case, the extent of my liability will be limited to the total amount of the invoice in question.