My purpose is to offer translation services similar to the ones offered by the traditional translating agencies but working, in fact, as a freelance translator. Thanks to this structure (no luxury offices, company cars or other expenses), I am able to reduce my costs and to share this significant economic advantage with my partners.

This structure and the benefits gained from the use of Internet allow me to fully meet the requirements of my clients, including urgent requests and particularly big projects.

Accuracy, reliability, punctuality and discretion: these are the features that make my services the ideal solution to your linguistic needs.

For my mission I use the most sophisticated engineering achievements available in the translation business. This, in turn, translates into better quality for the clients. Here are just a few examples:

- terminology databases;
- machine translation software (Trados) capable of guaranteeing linguistic coherence between the actual and former translation projects performed for the same client;
- ADSL web connection for the rapid upload and download of large files;
- FTP server for the download of the materials to be translated and for the upload of the completed translations;
- online dictionaries and glossaries.